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Aarhus Events - in English

Aarhus is a truly vibrant city – and exciting events help to ensure that Aarhus is an attractive place to live, work, visit and do business. Aarhus is, in many ways, the ideal place to organize events, be it sporting events, cultural events, concerts, conferences or something else entirely.

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    What does Aarhus Events do?

    Aarhus Events attracts, develops and supports large, strategic events with an international focus. The overall aim is to create events that contribute to economic growth and development across various sectors and which provide unique experiences for the city’s citizens, guests and business community. Aarhus Events assists event planners within a wide range of fields: Sporting events, cultural events and knowledge events among others.

    At Aarhus Events, we take part in the planning, development and occasionally in the execution of events. We advise and provide guidance to those organising events in Aarhus. We have a solid and strong network both locally, nationally and internationally, and the team has many years of experience at attracting, developing and staging events.

    Aarhus Events has drawn up the Event Strategy 2020-2025 for the City of Aarhus in the spring of 2020. The strategy is an an overall tool used to set the direction for the event area in Aarhus. It is the city's second event strategy, and it has been created in close collaboration with the many event actors in Aarhus.

    The event strategy was adopted by Aarhus City Council on 24 June, 2020 and the headlines can be downloaded below.

    Event Strategy - City of Aarhus - 2020-2025

    In a close collaboration with VisitAarhus, Aarhus University’s Conference Department and WorldPerfect, Aarhus Events has developed a Green Conference and Event Handbook – a guide to working strategically and practically with sustainability. The guide can be downloaded below.

    The Green Conference and Event Handbook

    Aarhus Events is a member of the International Association of Event Hosts network.



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